What To Consider When Hiring A Chief Technology Officer

Advice on what are the best technologies to use in your business. “Through one or two phone calls, you can usually track somebody down to get an unbiased opinion.” In addition, you’ll want to incorporate behavioral lines of questioning that can help you better understand and analyze the candidate’s personality traits.

Don’t expect to find a great full-time CTO if all founders aren’t committed to the startup full-time. Too often, I see founders who still have another day job but are looking for a full-time CTO. Why would a CTO quit their job to work on your startup full-time if they see that you’re not willing to do the same? Don’t ask CTO candidates to commit more than you are currently committed.

Where to hire a CTO

Tech strategy is the scope of budget planning, responsibilities, goals, etc. It helps to understand better what the company is trying to achieve and what means they need for it. CTO is the one who takes responsibility for creating such a strategy. They also make sure that owners, investors, team leads know and understand the strategy.

These types of questions help you craft the ideal skill requirements for the position. Another key aspect to consider is that hiring a CTO means hiring someone with vast experience and knowledge in the tech field. And part of your strategy consists in multiplying your https://globalcloudteam.com/ money, not losing it. Therefore, reviewing the roles you need and evaluating them makes a difference. And while hiring a remote CTO might make you think you’re losing money, remember that if you have the right reasons, you are not losing money but investing it.

This is the best indicator that they can do it for your startup if they have helped other companies in scaling processes and assessing their technology cto duties strategies. At different stages of a startup’s lifecycle, a CTO plays a varied role. Most startups hire their first CTO during the seed stage.

For places where we need additional talent, I define positions and collaborate on recruiting, onboarding, and retention techniques. Hire a part-time technology executive with the skills, knowledge, and experience of a full-time Chief Technology Officer. When you’re hiring a CTO, it can be tempting to focus primarily on the technological impact this employee can have on your organization.

Do I Need A Cto?

If they are to keep the vision, then they have to own the departments that are responsible for executing that vision. $50,000 might not pay a full-time engineer’s salary in many places in the United States, but it might be enough to attract a CTO to moonlight for you. If you can’t get that kind of money together, make pre-sales, borrow money, or raise money. You’re unlikely to find a technical co-founder who will work for free from day one.

It is about scaling up your development efforts from ground zero, and without the right amount of experience, things can fall apart quickly. Moreover, if the product fails to meet customer needs, the burn rates will exponentially rise. Tomislav is a software engineer, technical consultant, and solution architect who began as a technical partner for an online media business, growing it from zero to over 100,000 monthly readers. As an infrastructure lead, he makes the cloud a friendly place. A CTO is a very responsible role and not many people are ready to take it. For example, not many developers want to become CTO because of high business and extra skills like entrepreneurship, leadership, organization, and communication needed.

CTOs are unicorns who know tech as well as they do entrepreneurship. Their responsibilities are extremely vast and crucial for success. Their decisions can either bring you to success or turn the project into a big flop. Moreover, you need vast experience with working with tech and business and knowledge that should always stay up-to-date if you want to succeed as a CTO.

  • In this article, I’ll explore why you should hire a remote CTO for your startup and how to do it.
  • Since it is the person who needs to always keep their knowledge fresh, it also makes sense to look for someone ready to learn.
  • Ideas are rarely unique, and even if they are, they share similar components.
  • There are several options — an in-house CTO, a freelancer, and an outsourcing company.

Committing full-time is preferred, but likely not necessary. It is important to note that the skill set required of a technical leader in the Concept stage vs Pre-Revenue / Active Development stage are possibly very far from one another. Take caution when making long-term commitments at this stage. In the earliest stages of founding a company, you are likely looking for a technical co-founder or advisor. Someone who has the ability to imagine and research a technology solution that would empower your business. This person should ideally have a background in the industry that you’re in.

Ability To Leverage A Powerful Tech Stack

This way they can focus on building and marketing their product. It is very important for them to focus on the technology and the team members, while it is also very important for you to focus on marketing and selling. If this is the case then you do not need a CTO unless the software/applications incorporate complex algorithms and artificial intelligence. – Do you believe that your startup will need further funding in the future? If so, then hiring a CTO will help because they can help with credibility when approaching investors or receiving outside investments. The tech industry is booming, and every entrepreneur out there is trying to bag the best talent for their company.

It could be a piece of a technical challenge, but it could as well be a roadmap, budget estimate, etc. Be prepared that it’s going to take time to find a CTO with this level of passion; the odds are slim, but not impossible. They are great for building and growing your network, but the important thing here is to stay aware of what you need to get and not get lost in all the information they produce and share. A good idea might be to set milestones , so you can look back, analyze, and properly use connections and data you’ve collected. Keeping the processes within defined financial and time frames.

As the organizer of the LA CTO Forum, I get lots of inquiries by job seekers and people looking for CTO / VP Engineering talent. These will have many individual web pages, with specific URLs, optimized for SEO. I hired a CTO to build my early versions, and I need help because the technology is a mess.

How To Hire Or Not A Cto

“Just as you don’t want an architect who loves modern homes rebuilding an old Victorian, people are going to be at the end of the day more productive if they like what they are building.” In order to attract top candidates, you’ll need to offer a competitive salary. Other simple sources of information can be PayScale.com and Salary.com – and they adjust for geographical inequalities in pay.

Where to hire a CTO

Ask for introductions, mention that you’re keeping an eye out for a technical co-founder, but remember, your business shouldn’t depend on it. Tell them about the success you’re having, the challenges your facing, and see what gets them excited. I joined The Graide Network because the two non-technical founders had built a business generating real revenue off email and spreadsheets.

The seeds of that ecosystem start with the CTO and the culture they establish within technical teams. Hiring and firing is an art that encompasses both rapid assessment of achievement potentials and accurate projections of social integration with existing teams. The CTO must be knowledgeable enough in technical skills to recognize talent and wise enough to foster collaboration.

Southern California Tech Central

As you can see, finding a CTO for your startup is not the easiest task; it takes time and effort. Also, there are numerous success stories of releasing an MVP without an in-house CTO. As alternatives, consider Part-Time Consultant, Outsourcing Development Team, or CTO-as-a-Service. Add to your list meetups that are closely related to your niche and your industry. As a non-tech founder or C-level manager, get prepared since tech people love using buzzwords and jargon or just professional words and phrases you may not be familiar with.

I was fortunate to work with my friend Daniel Doubrovkine on his search for Artsy’s VP Engineering. I love this blog post, which shares Daniel’s journey that led him to decide he needed to hire a VP of Engineering. He also describes how he divided responsibilities between the CTO and VP of Engineering. Backend Engineers– They are in charge of data structures and coding. One way to improve this is to hire people that specialise in middle stack.

Fractional Cto

What is possible for a startup is very different from what’s possible at the corporate world. Establishing brand identity is crucial at this stage of a startup’s life. The CTO must embody the brand’s technical identity at conferences, in stories for the media, on social media, etc. The message the CTO should convey will be tied closely to brand messaging but include ideals like innovation and creativity. A little while ago, I suggested that Every Web/Mobile Startup Should Have a Technical Advisor. The conversation with Bob was about what the composition of advisors should look like.

Sell The Position

However, whenever it comes to hiring senior management, startup founders usually find hiring relatively more difficult than hiring individuals and teams of developers. In such a case, founders and CEOs need help from technical gurus. For this task, they can hire a software development company or an independent technical expert whose professionalism is proven.

For the former, you will see many suggestions to attend as many tech meetups as possible. If you go to every meetup with the word tech or startup in it, you will waste valuable time and energy. Ask your candidate to estimate the time to build, without bringing the idea of “critical points” to their attention. These are the points in the web development cycle where it’s more likely to “hit an iceberg”.

One of the most helpful cultural aspects to talk to potential CTOs about is their values. Their approach to elements such as business ethics, diversity and inclusion, and integrity must be consistent with that of the company. After all, they’ll be tasked with overseeing systems that impact the entire business, as well as influencing and interacting with stakeholders of all levels. While it is important to have employees of all backgrounds and varying opinions, it is vital to the positive trajectory of the business that your values still mesh.

You can discuss Gaper’s vetting process by scheduling a quick meeting with us. You can search for the ideal development team on Clutch and GoodFirms. These platforms have advanced search options that allow you to find the best vendors by technology, country, ratings, and feedback. Even if you don’t have a technical background and can’t validate an agency by yourself, there are some checks you can run to make sure that an agency is reliable.

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If your company is looking for a very technical CTO, you may need to find someone who loves systems design, coding, and technical architecture. This person may be a great technical leader, but not so great at managing teams. The deepest thinkers in architecture are rarely excellent team leaders. While each company’s team structure is different, the graphic below depicts a typical startup team structure.

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