Usual length of time is 6 years.

Degree: Doctorate in General Medical (MUDr.) The study program will help students improve the capability of students to make creative application in the field of work or continuing their education as per the doctoral degree program. Usual time of use 6 years. Students who complete the program along with knowing about plasma physics will are provided with a comprehensive background in optics, electronics condensed matter and spectroscopy.1 About the program The undergraduate study program offers students a broad medical education that spans 6 years full time studies.

The experimental basis allows use not only for studies (universities and research centers both in the US and overseas) as well as directly to the technological and industrial centers.1 The firstto third year classes provide preclinical and theoretical lectures as well as labs and classes in the practical, while the final three years offer an array of practical experience. Comenius University in Bratislava is the only university in Slovakia that has this program of study.

The undergraduate studies can continue in postgraduate levels, where doctors are educated in a specific area of expertise.1 The tuition fee is EUR1,500 for the academic year. The tuition fee is EUR9,500 for the academic year. Solid State Physics (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics) General Medicine (Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin) Degree: Masters (Mgr.) Degree: Doctorate in General Medical (MUDr.) Usual time of use: 2 years.1 Usual time of use is 6 years.

About the program The field of solid state physics is at present one of the fastest-growing fields of physics both in the realm of experimental and theoretical advances. About the program The six-year program consists of the study of theory and practical instruction. It is the foundation of a vast range of applications that are important which include electronic devices, the latest advances in nanotechnology and materials.1 The initial two years of study provide theoretical preparation. Master’s degree program with a focus on Solid State Physics offers a chance to master innovative theoretical techniques, utilize the most advanced computer simulation methods, as well as master diagnostic and experimental methods. In the clinical classes, students are rotated through various departments of the hospital that is a teaching facility.1 Students who conduct their master’s thesis research are involved in international and national research projects, and are able to work in highly-equipped labs in Slovakia as well as abroad.

The whole sixth year is dedicated to rotations in departments such as Internal Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, as well as Obstetrics and Gynaecology to prepare for the state exams that will be their final exam.1 Students are employed in applied and fundamental research at the Slovak Academy of Sciences and at universities, and also working in business in the private sector. The successful graduate will be awarded a diploma at Comenius University located in Bratislava and which is the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin which is recognized throughout the entire European Union and in most nations around the world.1 The graduates who are employed by private sector are highly regarded not just for their expertise of Physics, but also for their math and computer modeling skills as well as their expertise in research and theory.

The Faculty is listed on the World Health Organization (WHO) List of medical Faculties.1 The tuition fee is EUR1,500 for the academic year. Additionally, it is recognized as a member of the ECFMG (Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates, Philadelphia, USA) for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam).

Theoretical Physics (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics) Tuition fees: EUR10,900/academic year.1 Degree: Masters (Mgr.) Pharmacies (Faculty of Pharmacy) Usual time of use: 2 years. Degree: Masters (Mgr.) The program is an experiment but also theoretical science. Usual time span: 5 years. The role of physicists so two-fold. About the program The graduates of this five-year program will possess vast knowledge and practical skills in biological, chemical medical, and especially the pharmaceutical discipline.1

They acquire knowledge of the material world through designing and carrying out elaborate experiments and forming theories that help us understand the ever-growing amount of data as well as discover new relationships within. They are aware of the fate of drugs within the body as well as its adverse effects as well being aware of the social and health aspects of using drugs.1 The two-year master program Theoretical Physics is aimed at students who are interested in understanding the application and further the development of modern physical theories of the world. They should have advanced skills in the field of pharmaceutical technology and analysis, as well as a thorough understanding of the legal requirements and other regulations related to the practice of pharmaceuticals.1 They cover microscopic up to cosmic scales , and cover a an extensive range of physical phenomena, ranging from particle physics, condensed matter physics, cosmology and even condensed matter.

The tuition fee is EUR7,500 for the academic year. Students are able to focus in one of these areas and gain extensive knowledge of the fields of mathematics, physics and programming.1 The tuition fee is 1,500 euros per academic year. All study programmes are available in English. Students can join Joint Undergraduate as well as Graduate Study Programs.

The program’s description The purpose of this program is to teach students a specialized theoretical knowledge in Chemistry and biology.1 Dentistry (Faculty of Medicine) The biological component is focused on microbiology, cell biology as well as genetics, virology, molecular biology, human and animal the physiology, immunology and biotechnology. Degree: Dental Medicine Doctor (MDDr.) The subjects in chemistry cover general and inorganic chemical chemistry, organic chemicals, analytical chemistry biochemistry, and physical chemistry.1

Usual length of time is 6 years. The programme offers practical instruction at private research institutes. About the program The undergraduate program will last for the course of six full years, full-time study. The tuition fee is EUR1,000 for the academic year.

Dentistry is an autonomous medical specialty that covers diagnostics treatment, prevention, and treatment of diseased states of the mouth cavity and teeth.1 Central European Studies (Visegrad Studies) (Faculty of Arts) It mostly covers the two most prevalent chronic diseases of infection that are dental caries and periodontal diseases and their complications along with other diseases that impact the oral cavity and the maxillofacial region. Degree: Bachelor (Bc.) Fee for tuition: EUR11,000/academic year.1

Usual time of use: 3 years. General Medicine (Faculty of Medicine) About the program The programme, which runs for three years, includes studies in cross-cultural and foreign languages of the different regions that comprise Central Europe.

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