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Historically, small- and/or mid-cap stocks have been more volatile than the stock of larger, more-established companies. Smaller companies may have limited resources, product lines and markets, and their securities may trade less frequently and in more limited volumes than the securities of larger companies. Choose the fund that most closely aligns with when you plan to start using your money. The principal value of the investment is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date. Intraday Data provided by FACTSET and subject to terms of use.


Yes EFX Kre Alkalyn is the best creatine I have taken. So far everything I’ve taken by EFX has given me great results and amazing gains in the gym. So for me, Test Charge is def going to be added to my arsenal of weapons when it comes to building muscle. And as for the taste of the liquid in the dropper, I think I’m getting use to it because I don’t notice it anymore. I’m liking it very much and so far would highly recommend this product.

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Coupled with the information I gathered through my further research into the human physiology, I understood what direction I needed to take to break free from stagnation! The value and/or returns of a portfolio will fluctuate with market and economic conditions. The fund is subject to the risks of the underlying funds in which it may invest. Investing in fixed income securities entails interest rate, credit and price risks. When interest rates rise, bond prices generally fall and increase when interest rates fall. Historically, small-cap stocks have been more volatile than the stocks of larger, more established companies.

This is the actual ratio that investors paid during the fund’s most recent fiscal year. Please see the prospectus for more information. Friday was the finish of Power week and today is the start of Rep Range week. So power week on Test Charge has been outstanding. Each workout I did, I didn’t want to end I felt like I could have kept going.

“I thought you said when you get off your supplements you would loose a little size and strength” I said yes I normally do. He said then what the hell is the deal why are you getting stronger with every workout we do? He said I’m just worn out towords the end of the workout and you just keep going. Ha Ha I just laughed and smirked a little and said I don’t know it must be motivation for my next show I’m gonna do.

It assumes a retirement age of 65 and may not be appropriate for an investor who plans to retire at the target date. Today was the 1st day of Rep Range and I killed my chest. When I was doing incline dumbbell press and i come to the set of 16 reps, my chest was so tight, I thought it was going to rip through my skin. The biggest thing I’ve noticed on Rep Range with Test Charge is that I was ready to go between sets sooner than normal. I’m not one of those guys who watches the clock and waits a certain amount of time between each set. I get my next set when my body says its ready to go again.

If this product does somehow work then Jeff Golini should be crowned product formulator of the century srs. Inventing Kre-Alk and Karbolyn is quite the accomplishment but this I dunno… AAEFX Nytric Pro is a Nitric Oxide product whose purpose is to intensify pumps and promote vascularity. Eat some form of protein and fats before bed in order to remain in an anabolic state while asleep. Eat a variety of protein sources…meat, chicken, fish, eggs, whey, casein…in order to take advantage of the unique amino acid content of each. That said, I will make a few recommendations that is somewhat universal to those looking to maximize their gains in mass and strength.

In my opinion, I believe Nytric assisted in this. For the price ($23), I think it’s worth a try. After reviewing my training logs I noticed that my biggest spurts of bodyweight gain/muscle growth occurred during periods of time that I made the greatest alternations to my training program! In the first few years all I needed to do to progress was to continue getting stronger, but eventually this led to diminishing returns. After some time it seemed that it took unique types of stimuli to re-ignite the growth process…not just a steady increase in weights lifted.

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Sign Up NowGet this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. International investing involves special risks, such as political instability and currency fluctuations. Sign up for our newsletter to get notified about special sales, new products and insider-only events. The patented creatine can only be sold by companies who have signed a very stringent licensing agreement with All American Pharmaceuticals/BR&D (the patent-holders of Kre-Alkalyn). Wish I could make it to the Olympia, but I don’t think I’m gonna be able to this year.

The main reason for this is that creatine can quickly degrade in the gut to a toxic by-product known as creatinine. Creatinine has no benefit whatsoever and instead causes negative effects in the user. The beauty of Kre Alkalyn is that it is PH adjusted and therefore resists degradation into creatinine, allowing it to be fully absorbed intact into the bloodstream, and then muscle cells. This means you can experience the full power that creatine has to offer its users.

I was asked to try it and log my results and thoughts on this product before it gets released. Man I tell you, everyday I look forward to the gym just so I can see how much better my training is gonna go compared to yesterdays. The following is a guideline that I created for what I have found to be the most efficient use of the AAEFX Flex Wheeler Signature Series when looking to maximize your progress in the gym. Note that I include beginner/intermediate and advanced use guide, as well as how I myself take the products…. Eat at least 1.25, and up to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight daily. The best selection of fitness articles, workouts, supplements and recipes to help you reach your goals faster!

Well it looks like I have about a week left maybe a little more. Now I’m going to throw in all my other supplements. Started loading up on Kre Alkalyne, LG5, LBA Pro, Nitric Pro, Cell Rush. For the last week or 2 I want to add all these other supplements in with Test Charge to see how I react to all of them together. I’m really looking forward to this next week or so. In addition, AAEFX is the only company that uses 100% drug free athletes to represent their products.

And this is not just “talk,” but is backed up with random drug testing of each and every one of us at any time they say so. If any EFX athlete refuses to take, or fails, a randomly assigned test then he or she is immediately fired. Some of us are drug free for life, and global asset allocation meb faber others are former users that have chosen to switch to the natural way of life. It is quite obvious to everyone that although most sponsored IFBB pros might utilize some of the products their company makes, that their level of development has nothing to do with them.

Yes, I was definitely taking a PWO supplement. I was taking one prior to starting and then maybe about 2 weeks(?) I switched to another one . Could the switch to another one have accounted for the change, quite possibly. Also, I was definitely paying more attention to my pre/post workout pics while taking Nytric then I was before. Maybe the difference had always been there (pre/post difference), but I don’t believe so. Either case, from where I was 1 month ago to where I am now, I am pleased with the results.


Their manufacturing facility in Billings, Montana is absolutely mind-boggling. It is run with the “tightness” of the Pentagon and works above the standard of most pharmaceutical companies! The consumer can always rest assured that any product that comes out of All American Pharmaceutical is the most potent, effective and safest of its kind. Data reflects past performance for Investor Class shares, assumes reinvestment of dividends and capital gains and is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be higher or lower than data shown. Investment return and principal value fluctuates.

There are only two things that come to mind and I consider them both to be minor. It is a bit larger than most tablets and can be hard to get down. The other thing, timing the Nytric 30 minutes before meals. I have unusual hours and sometimes have to eat on the fly. Remembering to take it 30 minutes before meals sometimes presented a challenge to me.

Thanks Flex for the FWSS, your line of supplements are amazing. Generally, as interest rates rise, the value of the securities held in the fund will decline. The opposite is true when interest rates decline. One Choice® Blend+ Portfolios are designed to help investors build toward retirement while aiming to reduce the risk they will run out of money in retirement. Create a list of the investments you want to track. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

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I’m assuming your talking about LBA Pro the high quality beef protein and amino blend, yes I love this also. Taste like candy, when I’m in contest prep I feel like I’m cheating. Not calling you a liar or anything, but this is one of those products you need to use to believe. As besides you and the AAEFX reps, I haven’t seen any feedback and the store ratings are notoriously unreliable. KA Pro was not designed to make the user jittery or anxious, but rather to provide a feeling of drive, focus, and concentration, with absolutely no crash as it dissipates.

I was able to push myself for every workout. I have been getting some of the greatest workouts and the greatest pumps ever. The thing I love the most about Test Charge is how my strength stays with me through every set right till the end of the workout. I’m not a scientist, chemist or anything else in the supplement industry. I consider myself your average guy who works out.

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So as of July 10th after my show I decided to get off all supplements for around a months time. Then I get the Test Charge in the mail to try. Cause all results will come from test charge and nothing else. how to build your own algorithmic trading business I didn’t tell my workout partner I was taking test charge I just told him I was getting off all creatine and supplements for a month. He says to me as we were killing our arms on power week of P/RR/S.

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No side effects, great pumps, visible vascularity, crazy low price. I will continue to add it to my supplement protocol and would recommend it to anyone who works out. Seeks the highest total return consistent with its asset mix. They haven’t released it to the public yet.

Maybe this isn’t for an advanced lifter/bodybuilder because they are already in top shape. For me, I took before and after pictures, consistently. I saw the differences throughout the 5 weeks I was on it. Heck no, but even my wife noticed that my body had changed. And she is not one to ever compliment me, on anything.

The fund’s target date is the approximate year when investors plan to retire or start withdrawing their money. Our diversified target-date funds automatically adjust their asset mix as the target goal date approaches. The portfolio generally becomes more conservative by decreasing the allocation to stocks and increasing the allocation to bonds and short-term instruments. Today is the start of Shock week, I’ve been clean of all supplements except for Test Charge. I wanted to give this product a chance and to see what results I would get from this product and nothing else.

The strength stayed with me right through the end, till the last rep. This stuff really makes a difference, every set I wanted to keep pushing, going up in weight to see if how far I could push my body. Every muscle group for the whole week was this way. The portfolios’ asset allocation glide path is designed to navigate the trade-off between market risk and the risk of running out of money in retirement. The funds that comprise One Choice Target Date Blend+ Portfolios feature disciplined active management throughout, plus the cost-effectiveness of blend approaches.

Investment Strategy The investment seeks the highest total return consistent with its asset mix. The underlying stock funds draw on growth, value and quantitative investment techniques and diversify investments among small, medium and large U.S. and foreign companies. The Fund seeks the highest total return consistent with its asset mix. It is a fund of funds which invests in American Century mutual funds that represent a variety of asset classes and investment styles.

Historical and current end-of-day data provided by FACTSET. Real-time last sale data for U.S. stock quotes reflect trades reported through Nasdaq only. Intraday data delayed at least 15 minutes or per exchange requirements. Only products manufactured at All American Pharmaceutical will have the official neck seal shown to the left. Yes it is a Testosterone booster, I don’t know the ingredients yet. This is a new product being released shortly on the Flew Wheeler Signature Series.


There are so many things that separate AAEFX that they would take up too much space. I will point out, however, that what is most impressive about this company is what goes into making their products. The amount of care they take in using the finest raw materials, the most expensive and comprehensive testing methods, and the best manufacturing equipment available is truly staggering. They want their products to be the most pure, effective and tested safe of any in the world.

I found it best to set a reminder on my phone. These two things are minor, I know, but I didn’t want to come across as being too one-sided. Focus the majority of carbohydrate ingestion around breakfast, and the pre and post training meals – with the post meal having the highest content. Prior to doing so, we will notify you and give you 90 days to meet the minimum or reinstate your automatic monthly investment plan. The statement is being offered to clear up any possible confusion between both company’s products. Just finished up Rep Range week and Test Charge held true through the whole week.

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